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Health and Healing with Help from an Essential Oil Diffuser – Our Top 3 Essential Oils 

It’s amazing just how powerful our sense of smell is. How a certain perfume takes us back to our grandmothers and long passed Christmas dinners. How with some people the smell of gasoline makes them sick, and yet to others you’d think it could serve as an aphrodisiac. Certain scents stimulate us in countless ways, and now it’s clear, also impart on us specific health benefits.

Oils really aren’t oils at all and are technically derived from highly concentrated plant components. While some oils can be applied topically and even ingested, most require mixing with water to dilute prior to doing so. The easiest and most cost-effective way to enjoy these however is via an aromatherapy diffuser.
Far beyond a simple and pleasant aroma, scents created from essential oil blends via an oil diffuser have been known to help people focus, relax, sleep, and much much more. Here are a few of our favorite oils which can also be combined with others to form combined scents and deliver additional healing benefits.

Eucalyptus Oil – For the Constant Cold Sufferer  

We all have those friends who seem to constantly battling a cold and a bad cough. And if not a cough, allergies and hay fever; a real drag. With the help of our ultrasonic diffuser, getting this eucalyptus scent into the air and into your friend’s lungs, shouldn’t just help clear up their sinuses, but also relieve sore muscles.
Known to stimulate the immune system, this oil also contains antibacterial properties.  
Do not ingest or apply to your skin undiluted however as it is very irritating.

Frankincense Oil – Not Just a Cool Name 

This oil is produced following a steam distillation process of the resin milked from the Boswellia tree. Used for thousands of years in traditional medicine, often ingested, it is said to reduce symptoms in people who suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis.

Additional benefits include the quicker healing of wounds and soothing insect stings, air purification, and the strengthening of the female hormone system.

Used in relaxing settings like a bubble bath for instance, and in an aromatherapy diffuser, many claim it can fight off depressing and negative thoughts, as well as help increase one’s spiritual awareness.

Lavender Oil – The Mood Enhancer 



This is probably our favorite out of the Top 3 because along with its fantastic aroma come so many potential health benefits.

Its scent alone is said to reduce stress hormones in our blood, helping us to relax, which is always a welcome thing. Thus, it can treat things such as anxiety and sleep disorders.
A very popular aroma that is often used in perfumes, soaps, and shampoos, the scent of lavender appears to lift moods and spirits.

Who are we to argue?

The cost of our essential oil diffuser and a few bottles of your choice of oils is an inexpensive price to pay to find out just what type of healing you can do thanks to aromatherapy. There is literally nothing to risk since we also offer a 45 Day Money Back 100% Guarantee.So don’t be shy, order yours now!