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Thank you for the interest in a potential partnership with MOFADO LLC.                    
We currently partner with a range of different entrepreneurs/establishments.    
Are you an avid product reviewer? Are you a blogger looking to promote products? Or are you simply just an online marketing expert? Whether you have expertise in the retail or the online sector, the Mofado Oil Diffusers have become a huge sensation all across the states and is slowly spreading to the rest of the world.


You can have your piece of the pie!

Affiliate Program 

We currently offer up to 15% on top of the amazon affiliate commission, which is most usually 4-8%. This would give you an overall commission of 19-23% per sale.
Sales can be tracked through your Amazon affiliate link, and the extra 15% will be paid out to on the 15th and 30th of every month via paypal or bank transfer.




Wholesale Program

In comparison to our affiliate program, our wholesale program will take more upfront costs, you will have to hold the stock yourself and accept our MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 500 pieces.

To understand more about how our wholesale program works, please contact us at and we will be able to give you more info. We look forward to working with you !