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Utilizing the Best Cocktail Setting Set Catered to You

Utilizing the Best Cocktail Setting Set Catered to You

Utilizing the Best Cocktail Setting Set Catered to You

Understanding how to mix cocktails isn’t overly challenging - but it can be if you try it with equipment you aren’t prepared to use. There are plenty of different shakers out there, and learning the basics is important because that’s what will allow you to mix drinks no matter the skill level. While all shakers have that primary function at its core, the way it shakes drinks can differ, making it essential that you learn the basics to take advantage of the best cocktail setting set.

When it comes to shakers in general, it boils down to three different types. The Boston, French and Cobbler shaker. From these three you’ll learn the category that matches your skill level, upon which you’ll be able to make your choice of shaker set.

The Boston Shaker

If you’re looking for the type of shaker most commonly used by professional bartenders to mix drinks of all shapes, sizes and types, the Boston shaker is the tool you’re looking for. It’s a shaker consisting of two pieces, and in face value seems rather simple to use. However, appearances can be deceiving, as it takes a good deal of skill to use a Boston shaker effectively. For example, not only will you require a filter as part of the set to use this specific shaker, but you have to make a perfect seal with the two pieces when mixing drinks. It is a tool used by professionals and for good reason - it’s the kind of shaker that only those with experience can use effectively.

The French Shaker

The French shaker is quite similar to the Boston shaker, though much rarer. It can be difficult to find them in retail, which is why the Boston shaker is still the most commonly used mixing tool for professionals. It can be a little easier to use than the Boston shaker thanks to a cap that you can fit right into the shaker’s tin. It means you won’t have to ensure that it’s perfectly sealed before shaking like you would with a Boston shaker. It’s a pretty good choice for those who want something down the middle as far as skill level goes.

The Cobbler Shaker

The Cobbler shaker was designed specifically for those who want an easier time mixing their drinks, designed to have only the shaker itself and a cap. All you have to do to use the Cobbler shaker is to pour all of your ingredients inside, seal it with a cap and start shaking. While it might seem like the casual choice, there are also a few drinks that only a cobbler shaker can mix thanks to how it’s designed.

Once you’ve made your choice of shaker, you can concentrate on purchasing a set for your home. The shaker set normally comes with several pieces, ready to turn your home kitchen into a full-fledged bar. Use the Boston shaker if you’re confident in your abilities, the Cobbler shaker if you just want to have a good time, and the French shaker as something in between.


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