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The History of the Most Famous Cocktails - Mofado.Com

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The History of the Most Famous Cocktails - Mofado.Com

You may think that your favorite cocktail was invented by just a random bartender a few years back. But what you don’t know is that each cocktail drink has an interesting backstory. When you order a drink, how well do you know its origin? I bet it’s not much. You only know that it tastes good and it will give you a good time. Let’s get to know the stories behind the most famous cocktail drinks that we enjoy today.



There is a little disagreement on the origin of this drink. A city in California, Martinez, claims that it is the origin of the modern martini, which was originally named Martinez. But another version states that it came from Martini & Rossi, an Italian liquor company that exported vermouth to the United States in the 1800s.



This drink is made in a cocktail mixer, where sweet vermouth, bitters and whiskey are mixed. This is another cocktail with different versions of its origin. A simpler version of its origin is that it was invented in a New York bar in the 19th century, and was named after one of the cities in New York. A more elaborate version says that a bartender invented a drink and named it after the Manhattan Club, the club where Jennie Churchill threw a party for Samuel J. Tilden’s gubernatorial win.



This drink was invented by an American miner stationed in Cuba. Jennings Cox mixed sugar, lime and rum. He liked the mixture so much that he invited his friends to taste, and eventually brought the recipe back to the United States, where it was picked up by alcohol lovers and made popular in bars and parties.



This cocktail did not get its popularity from the TV show Sex and the City. There are several cities that claim the origin of this drink: Manhattan, Minneapolis, South Beach and Provincetown.



This cocktail drink is a twist from Americano. It derived its name from Count Camillo Negroni. The Americano is a mixture of club soda, sweet vermouth and Campari. Count Negroni wanted something different, so he had the club soda replaced with gin. That was when the Negroni was invented.


Black Russian

There is not much Russian in this drink, only that it contains vodka, a liquor that originated from Russia. Gustave Tops, a bartender, created this drink in the 1950s while he was working at the Hotel Metropole in Belgium. It was believed that he first made the drink of Kahlua and vodka for Perle Mesta, an American socialite. She was the ambassador of the United States to Luxembourg at the time.


Don’t you think it is more enjoyable to sip your favorite cocktail now that you know how it came about? So before you take out your mixing glass and making your own mix or order from y our nearby bar, you will think about the drink’s origin and how it has survived throughout the decades and is still popular among many people.