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The Art of Using the Mixing Glass - Do It Like a Pro

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The Art of Using the Mixing Glass - Do It Like a Pro

The Art of the Mixing Glass: How to Mix like a Pro

In order to be counted as a truly skilled bartender, it’s important to take a close look at one of their most essential tools: the mixing glass. While some might think that the use of the mixing glass is self-explanatory, there is more to the mixing glass than meets the eye. Basically, this instrument is used for drinks that require a different touch compared to that of a shaker. With regards to how long
professional bartenders tend to use a cocktail mixing glass per drink, it would average out to around fifteen to twenty seconds maximum.

Awakening flavors

It’s understandable to think that the martini mixing glass is mainly for mixing drinks, but its main use lies in the awakening of flavors within the chosen ingredients. Remember that the purpose of the mixing glass is to coax out the flavors that have been sleeping in the wood, as you will be mixing distillates that have spent a certain amount of time in barrels. Of course, as with the case of the Dry Martini, the ingredient of gin is one that does not spend time in barrels. However, the flavor still requires to be coaxed out which is why the mixing glass is still used. It is a subtle instrument that can achieve much in a short amount of time.

Tips to using the mixing glass and preparing cocktails

While a good amount of training isn’t necessarily required, it’s important to understand and appreciate the subtlety that comes with mixing a cocktail. Here are a few guidelines:

● It’s essential to have the mixing glass at the very center of the surface or table you’re going to be using. This ensures that all your focus is on the drink.

● Manage the amounts with your spoon carefully. It’s an exact science which means that the slightest mistake can and will have consequences.

● Ice is an important ingredient in the mixing process. Make sure that there is an adequate amount in the glass as a low temperature is preferable to capturing the unique flavor profiles.

● Do not start mixing more than three cocktails to avoid mistakes. Even professional bartenders tend to keep their numbers low because the risk of making a mistake is high.

● Are you ready to pour? Make sure that as soon as you are finished mixing your drink that you are ready to pour it immediately onto cups.

● The proper technique is to hold the top facing the left, with your left hand when pouring the mixture out.

● Last but not least, you can wash the mixing glass for the next mix with water, but absolutely no soap.

That is basically all you need to know with regards to the mixing glass set. Make sure to practice, and have plenty of fun impressing friends, family and colleagues alike! Just remember that the art of using the mixing glass is often a very subtle process, and one that most definitely gets better with time.

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